The MarineLife Aquarium Society of Michigan (MASM) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the protection and conservation of the worlds natural marine environments and promotion of intelligent Marine Protected Areas. MASM furthers these goals through the education of members and the public about the care, breeding and propagation of marine fish, coral and invertebrates; promotion and support of efforts to eliminate abuses in collecting and transporting of marine animals; prevention of abuse to marine animals in general; and promotion and continued interest in the maintenance, study and propagation of marine life. MASM holds monthly educational programs as well as an annual educational conference featuring tours and presentations from local aquarists and Nationally renown Experts in the study of marine animals.
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MASM Version of Conversion Maestro

Type a known value into the left column. Then click anywhere outside the cell you just filled. The answer will appear in the column to the right.

Length (feet, meters)
Mass and Weight (ounces,grams)
Liquid Volume (pints, liters)
Temperature (Fahrenheit, Celsius

Type in what you know Conversion Factor Result
meq/L * 50 = ppm CaCO3
meq/L * 2.8 = dKH
Type in what you know Conversion Factor Result
inches * 25.4 = millimeters
millimeters * 0.04 = inches
centimeters * 0.4 = inches
Mass and Weight
Type in what you know Conversion Factor Result
ounces * 30 = grams
grams * 0.335 = ounces
Liquid Volume
Type in what you know Conversion Factor Result
fluid ounces * 30 = milliliters
pints * 0.47 = liters
quarts * 0.95 = liters
gallons * 3.8 = liters


milliliters * 0.034 = fluid ounces
liters * 2.1 = pints
liters * 1.06 = quarts
liters * 0.26 = gallons
Type in what you know Conversion Factor Result
Fahrenheit -32*5/9= Celsius
Celsius *9/5+32= Fahrenheit

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The MarineLife Aquarium Society of Michigan(MASM), Inc. is a 501(c)3 Corporation as determined by the Internal Revenue Service of the United State of America.
You can view MASM's determination letter by following this link